JAPANESE CAMELLIA KNIFE OIL - Edge of Belgravia Preorder


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Until recently, Camellia oil was a well kept secret in Japan. Camellia oil has been used to protect the blades of samurai swords and chef knives in Japan for centuries. Oil from the seeds of Camellia japonica is the traditional Japanese choice for protecting chef knives against any rust, corrosion and discolouration. The oil leaves a lovely deep, non-oily finish, and it's odourless and tasteless. Only a small amount is necessary to protect the blade. 100ml will last you for years! Its non-toxic formula is safe to use, and is our recommended solution for protecting your Edge of Belgravia knives. Application: 1. Please be sure to clean the blade before applying Camellia Oil. 2 .Then simply wipe the blades with the clean cloth impregnated with Camellia Oil. MADE IN JAPAN